Financial Aid Student Tracking (FAST)

The Financial Aid Student Tracking (FAST) is a way for college/university financial aid contacts and the College Success Foundation (CSF) to share information pertaining to CSF Scholars.

Colleges/universities download Excel spreadsheets to obtain up-to-date financial aid data for CSF Scholars enrolled at their schools. This information can be downloaded in batches by category or by individual scholars. FAST users upload financial aid packages for scholars to CSF, as well as notes regarding scholars (e.g. graduated, not enrolled, student is on academic review, etc.)

If any students are receiving more than one CSF scholarship, they will be on the Awards Need Action spreadsheet and financial aid contacts will need to send CSF all award information before CSF can finalize award decisions and disburse funds.

Need FAST Help or Training?

If you or your office team would like FAST training, please email Kate Carson for a webinar training session. You may also click on the links on the right to view/download the FAST Quick Guide, FAQ's and the PowerPoint Presentation used for the webinar.

For questions about on scholarships, individual students' awards, college/university contact updates, etc., please contact the scholarship services team:

Scholarship policies/FAST use/Individual Student Award Questions:

Scholarship Services Info Box:

Maria Rebecchi
Scholarship Manager

Refunds or WSOS policy questions/Other Questions:

Vickie Rekow
Director, Scholarship Services